liebsterawardWhile I am extremely flattered to have been recognized for the liebster award, I think this will be the last one I post about. I want to thank Bookgatherer immensely for nominating me! I’m sorry for the delay in posting about it though, I was nominated on July 17th,  time slipped away from me. liebster-award-rules-i

Here are the questions Bookgatherer asked:

  1. If you could go back in time, where would you go? After reading Outlander, mid 1700s Scotland doesn’t sound too bad, but it would probably be the regency period.
  2. Let say you and only you have a 25th hour every day, what would you do with it? Sleep an extra hour, I don’t get enough sleep as it is so I could use it.
  3. What was the first video game you ever played? I’m not positive on this one, but the first GameBoy game I ever had was Pokemon Red Version.
  4. How many pair of shoes do you have? Probably about 15 to 20, but I usually only wear the same 5  pairs the most often.
  5. J-Pop or K-Pop? Or do you hate it? I had a J-Rock phase in high school and then in college I recognized the beauty of K-Pop. I absolutely adore K-Pop boy bands.
  6. What is your favourite colour? I honestly don’t have a favorite color, I like most of them. My most often worn colors are black and grey, and my bedroom walls are grey and turquoise. When I paint I generally use a broad range of colors, depending on my mood. If I had to pick one though, it would be grey.
  7. Pets or plants? Plants, they don’t go potty in the house, unless of course I over water them.
  8.  Any siblings? Sooo many siblings. I have two much older half-siblings (a sister and a brother), and also an older sister, an older brother, and two younger sisters. So I fit nicely in the middle.
  9. Favourite chocolate flavour? I love semisweet chocolate, like the chips that go into chocolate chip cookies.
  10. Last book you’ve rated 5 stars? The last book I rated  5 stars was today and that is “Throne of Glass” by Sarah J. Maas.
  11. Do you have a favourite actor / actress? Favorite American actor/actress, no. Favorite Korean actor/actress, yes. I love Lee Min Ho. He starred in many adorable Korean dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, The Heirs, Personal Taste, and Faith.

11 facts about myself: 

I don’t remember what my facts were last two times, and I’m not going to check, when writing this, so if I repeat some facts, I’m sorry.

  1. In college I fell in love with Korean dramas and I get the feels every time I watch one.
  2. I graduated from college in Spring 2014, and since then mostly what I do, besides work, is read.
  3. I have had ever present acne since I was in Jr. High. I’ve tried every solution, and am now trying out the most extreme of those, Accutane.
  4. My favorite genre is Young Adult Fantasy and also Historical Romance. Kinda contrasting and kinda overlapping.
  5. I try to read a non-fiction, of various subjects, every couple months to give myself some diversity.
  6. I’ve named my plants, the sweet mint plant I have in my bedroom is named Sweetie ( I know, super original). The succulent plant I have in my office is named Grace.
  7. I despise knickknacks, yet I’ve acquired quite a few.
  8. I love my office at work, despite having to run my space heater everyday.
  9. I’ve decided to pick up bookbinding as a hobby, and discovered it is a very very expensive one.
  10. Sometimes I think that I escape into fictional worlds more often than I should, ignoring reality.
  11. I’ve determined that becoming an adult is extremely difficult.

My Nominations:

  1. I will never own enough books
  2. Anna Leigh Hargrove
  3. Fully Booked Reviews
  4. Enchanting Wolf
  5. Reading with Jenna
  6. The Kylie Chronicles
  7. Books with Chemistry
  8. Book’s Anatomy
  9. Annelise Lestrange
  10. Reflections of the Light
  11. Epic Books and Tales

My Questions for you:

  1. Are you a morning person, or a night person?
  2. What’s your favorite color of food?
  3. Most read and reviewed genre?
  4. Favorite pastime (besides reading)?
  5. What’s your dream city?
  6. Favorite Olympic sport to watch?
  7. Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
  8. What’s your favorite television show?
  9. What’s your dream job?
  10. Who’s your favorite artist? (can be either musical or fine arts)
  11. How long have you had your blog, and what keeps you writing?

6 thoughts on “Liebster Award, the 3rd!

  1. Omg, thanks so much for nominating me ❤ ❤

    I'll answer the questions in no time, promise!!


  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! ❤
    I've taken Accutane, for about a year last year. And now I'm getting spots again and really hoping I don't have to go back on it D:

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