This week’s topic is top ten fairy tale retellings, and as I haven’t read very many of them I split the topic into the ones I have read and those I want to read.

Retellings I’ve Read

Meyer, Marissa; ScarletMeyer, Marissa; CressfairestRiodan, Rick; The Lightning Thief

I absolutely loved all of the Lunar Chronicles, They completely give a new perspective to classic tales. I enjoyed The Lightning Theif, but I’ve yet to read the rest of the series, and while Greek Mythology is technically not a fairy tale, I felt that because both mythology and fairy tales started as oral traditions they could be meshed together for this post.


Flinn, Alex; BewitchingFlinn, Alex; ToweringHodge, Rosamund; Cruel BeautyWinter

WHat are your favorite fairytales?

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Fairy Tale Retellings

  1. We have a lot of the same books on our list, granted all of mine are ones I haven’t read… Yeah, I know I need to get on the ball with the Cinder series. I keep hearing so many amazing things about it, and I have had Cinder sitting on my shelf for about 3 years now… So I think it is about time. I hope you get the chance soon to read the ones you are wanting to read!

    Here is my TTT

    Justin @ Justin’s Book Blog

  2. I really like Alex Finn books. Usually I expect fairytale retellings to be cliche and I like how the books have original twists. I’m waiting on pins and needles for Winter to come out and once it does, the bookstore better watch out! 🙂

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