The month of July, flew by. I spent a week visiting family in New York and I spent the rest working. In addition to that I spent a lot of time reading, just not as much time as I did in June.

Orphan QueenLindsey, Johannal; Prisoner of My DesireOf the 12 books I read this past month, my favorite is The Orphan Queen (review to be posted in August), and my least favorite is Prisoner of My Desire (not worthy of a review).  All the other books fit somewhere in between.

Here are the 12 books I read this past month:

This brings my yearly total of books up to 97/75 towards my reading goal, making it 129.3% complete.

What I Posted in June:


7-5 Guy in Real Life
7-12 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
7-19 Lioness Rampant
7-26 Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives


7-1 Witness For The Prosecution
7-8 Misguided Angel
7-15 The Heir
7-22 Loving Rose
7-29 Downton Abbey: Rules for the Household Staff


7-7 TTT: Hyped & Never Read
7-14 TTT: In My Possession 
7-21 TTT: Diversity
7-28 TTT: Nerdy Characters


7-7 TT: A Rogue By Any Other Name
7-14 TT: Downton Abbey
7-22 TT: Prisoner of My Desire
7-28 TT: The Orphan Queen


7-1 WWWW June 1st
7-8 WWWW Junly 8th
7-15 WWWW July 15th 
7-22 WWWW July 22nd
7-29 WWWW July 29th 


7-2 TT: Bloodlines
7-9 TT: Blue Bloods
7-16 TT: Eragon
7-23 TT: The Hunger Games
7-30 TT: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them


7-3 EMB: Newest
7-10 EMB: Worn Out
7-17 EMB: Movie Copies
7-24 EMB: Favorite Classic
7-31 EMB: Favorite Non-Fiction


7-1 June 2015

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