20150624_202926Exploring my books is my favorite book meme, in which I participate. It gives me a chance to fawn over and share the beautiful (and sometimes ugly), pristine (and sometimes falling apart), and wonderful (occasionally awful) books I own.

This meme is hosted by Addlepates and Bookworms who still seems to be on her vacation/hiatus. Until she returns I’ve set up my own topics. I used my own topics during the month of July, and I found that a few of my followers participated using my topics. I’ve decided to list the topics I came up with for the month of August, so that (until Addlepates and Bookworms returns) my followers can have a heads up for what I plan on writing about and/or they can prepare their own posts ahead of time. In no way am I trying to take over this meme, I am just filling in while the host is occupied.

ExploringMyBooksHere are my topics for August:
August 7th– a book in a foreign language (or foreign  to you, wherever you may live).
August 14th– a reference book.
August 21st– book buddies (bobbles and knickknacks that keep your books company).
August 28th – a textbook (if you don’t own any of your textbooks, a book bought for a class).

What are your thoughts?

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