Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

BY DAVID Eagleman

Eagleman, David; Sum Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Publisher: Viking
Publication date: 17-Feb-2009
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Genres: Short stories, Philosophy
ISBN: 9780670069842
Source: Library
Rating: 4 stars

Sum is a stunning exploration of funny and unexpected afterlives that have never been considered—each presented as a vignette that offers a lens through which to see ourselves here and now. In one afterlife you may find that God is the size of a microbe and is unaware of your existence. In another, you work as a background character in other people’s dreams. Or you may find that the afterlife contains only those people whom you remember. The stories in Sum are rooted in romance, science, and awe: a mixture of death, hope, computers, immortality, love, biology, and desire that cuts through human nature at new and exciting angles.” -Goodreads


I stumbled upon this book while I was randomly internetting things. I honestly don’t remember what it was I was looking for,  but I’m glad I found this one. Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives is an intriguing, short tread.  While I don’t personally have an opinion on the afterlife (I am a facts kind of person), it was interesting to come across these many different options. Although not many, if any, of Eagleman’s speculations stood out to me. Most of them sounded truly awful. I did appreciate the fact that not all of them had a god. One that I liked stated that we were made by aliens who evaluate and study us after our Earthly lives are over. I definitely recommend it for those who question life after death.

What is your view on the Afterlife?

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