Niven, Jennifer; All the Bright PlacesThe month of June has been an adjustment for me. Despite that, I read just as much this month as the previous. In addition to this post being an update for my reading, it also denotes how long I’ve been at my new job, 1 month. While that may not sound very exciting, I am happy I have this job and enjoy it (and the time it gives me to blog).

Raven, Sandy; Miss Amelia Lands a DukeIn the reading world I read quite a few historical romances (7/18). I tend to read my genres in phases and I’m much more in the steamy romance mood lately. For the month of June my favorite book has to be All the Bright Places, even though it made me cry and on the other hand, my least favorite for the month is Miss Amelia Lands a Duke. My reading accomplishment of the month was completing my Goodreads reading challenge! I set the challenge at 75 books, but at this rate I’ll be well over 100 by the end of the year. As for my Sugarpop Challenge I still have 10 more categories to fill, which are the hardest ones for me. Hopefully next month I’ll be almost done with that one.

Here are the 18 books I read this past month:

This brings my yearly total of books up to 84/75 towards my reading goal, making it 112% complete.

What I Posted in June:


6-7 Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, Vol. 1-3
6-14 The Arctic Incident
6-21 The Heir
6-28 All the Bright Places


6-3 The Unlikely Lady
6-10 I Am Malala
6-17 Adulting: How to Be an Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) steps
6-24 Paper Towns


6-2 TTT: Big & Small Screen
6-9 TTT: 2015 Releases
6-16 TTT: TBR Summer
6-23 TTT: Favorite TTTs
6-30 TTT: Books in 2015


6-2 TT: All the Bright Places
6-9 TT: Breaking Dawn
6-16 TT: The Duchess War
6-23 TT: The Baron and the Bluestocking
6-30 TT: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


6-3 WWWW June 3
6-10 WWWW June 10
6-17 WWWW June 17
6-24 WWWW June 24


6-4 TT: Pride and Prejudice
6-11 TT: Vampire Knight
6-18 TT: Ouran High School Host Club
6-25 TT: Fushigi Yugi


6-5 EMB: Gifts
6-12 EMB: Regrets
6-19 EMB: Can’t Stop Reading
6-26 EMB: Oldest Book


6-1 May 2015
6-1 2nd Quarterly Update on My Secondary Reading Challenge 2015

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