Throughout the month of May I read 18 books, of those five were re-reads. For the sake of keeping my reading challenge relatively fair I’ve decided that every three manga novels I read equates to one novel. Seeing as manga can be devoured in the matter of an hour.Brown, Kelly Williams; Adulting

Outside of reading, this month I continued watching more Charmed (only a season and a half left), all my fall/spring shows have finished for the season, and my sister got me hooked on the TV show Revenge yesterday. (If you haven’t seen Revenge I recommend giving it a try, the first three seasons are on Netflix.)

Bardugo, Legh; Ruin and RisingOn another note, the job interview I had last month was successful! I was offered a library assistant job at Saint Louis University which starts tomorrow. I am excited for the job to begin! (Having money again will be great as well, I keep coming across books I want to buy!) On a less exciting note, this means my reading will be drastically decreased, I may eventually have to go back to one book review per week.Bowman, Valerie; The Unlikely Lady

Back to books, out of the 18 I read this month, my top three were Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps, Ruin and Rising, and The Unlikely Lady. These three cover three different genres as well: non-fiction, YA fantasy, and historical romance.

Here are the eighteen I finished this past month:

This brings my yearly total of books up to 66/75 towards my reading goal, making it 88% complete.

What I Posted in May:


Book reviews (SuN):

5-3 Siege and Storm
5-10 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
5-17 Hold Me Closer
5-24 Inkdeath
5-31 Artemis Fowl


5-6 Wicked Designs
5-13 His Wicked Seduction
5-20 The Bane Chronicles
5-27 Ruin and Rising


5-5 TTT: Never to be Read
5-12 TTT: Authors to Meet
5-19 TTT: Classics on TBR
5-26 TTT: Beach Reads


5-5 TT: The Ruse
5-12 TT: Misguided Angel
5-19 TT: I am Malala
5-26 TT: Guy In Real Life


5-6 WWWW May 6
5-13 WWWW May 13
5-20 WWWW May 20
5-27 WWWW May 27


5-7 TT: The Luxe
5-14 TT: Almost Heaven
5-21 TT: Vampire Academy
5-28 TT: The Bad Beginning


5-1 EMB: Most Borrowed
5-8 EMB: Never to be Borrowed
5-15 EMB: Bought Instantly
5-22 EMB: To Keep For the Children
5-29 EMB: Completing a Set


5-1 April 2015

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