books you want to keep for your kids

While I intend to keep most, if not all, of my books for the rest of my life, I do have a few in particular that I am saving for when I obtain children. The most obvious is the Harry Potter series, there is no way I would not share the magic that grew up with me with my kids. The other books I’m saving for kids because ideally I’ll adopt a girl are the Amelia’s Notebook series and the American Girl books, of which I own all the Josefina and Samantha books with some others thrown in as well. Another obvious save is my treasury of Dr. Seuss stories.

Above: My recently reorganized book collection, I had to do some organizing so that I wouldn’t block out Austrailia.


 Which Books Are you saving for your kids?


To participate in the Exploring Your Bookshelf meme hosted by Addlepates and Bookworms, here’s what you do:

  1. Post a picture of your bookshelf (preferably literal, but e-shelves work too).
  2. I’ll give you something about your shelf to write about. It might be your favourite cover, your favourite author, your book you most recently bought etc.
  3. Then give us the blurb and the cover of the book (and what you thought of it if you’ve read it)
  4. And finally, come back to my post and send us a link! I promise to check out all of your posts!


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