During the month of April I read 14 books, all minus one new to me. Below are the books I read this month. In my not literary world I had a job interview at a university for a library assistant job and I got to spend a weekend in Tucson, Arizona for an astronomy camp designed for Girl Scout leaders.  Unfortunately, because of how much preparation they take, my Saturday Soundtrack posts will be few and far between. While I enjoy making them, it just takes too much work. Additionally I started a new meme just yesterday called W…W…W…Wednesday which notes my current reads, just finished reads, and  future reads.

This brings my yearly total of books up to 48/75 towards my reading goal, making it 64% complete.

What I Posted in April:

Book reviews:

4-5 Outlander Books 1,2,& 3
4-12 Shadow and Bone
4-19 The Next America
4-26 The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl

Top Ten Tuesdays:

4-7 TTT: Characters to Check On
4-14 TTT: Inspiring Quotes
4-21 TTT: Favorite Authors
4-28 TTT: Favorite Females Who Kick Ass

Teaser Tuesdays:

4-7 TT: The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
4-14 TT: Siege and Storm
4-21 TT: Ruin and Rising
4-28 TT: Wicked Designs


4-30 WWW 1

Throwback Thursdays:

4-2 TT:How  to Train Your Dragon
4-9 TT: Artemis Fowl
4-16 TT: The Doll People
4-23 TT: The Akhenaten Adventure
4-30 TT: Twilight

Exploring my Books:

4-3 EMB: Favorite Author
4-10 EMB: Something I Wish I Published
4-17 EMB: Faraway Lands
4-24 EMB: Bring Characters to Life

Soundtrack Saturdays:

4-11 SS: Shadow and Bone


4-1 March 2015
4-4 The Ultimate Book Tag

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