The Akhenaten Adventure

BY P.B. Kerr

“A one-armed chauffer? + Twin djinn? + Three wishes?

Qwertyuiop! What does it all add up to? An amazing and magical adventure, for sure (and that’s not counting the Rottweilers, Alan and Neil, who are not exactly the pets they seem to be).

Meet John and Philippa Gaunt, twelve year old twins who one day discover themselves to be descended from a long line of djinn. All of a sudden, they have the power to grant wishes, travel to extraordinary places (and not necessarily on public trasportation), and make people and objects disappear.

Luckily (and luck does have something to do with it), the twins are introduced to their eccentric djinn-uncle Nimrod, who will teach them how to harness their newly found power. And not a moment too soon! Because John and Philippa are about to embark on a search to locate a monstrous looking (but supposed to be dead) pharaoh named Akhenaten, and his tomb, which may be holding seventy lost djinn.

Will the twins be strong and skilled and clever enough to outwit Iblis, the most evil djinn in the universe, and live to see another day–another city–another adventure?”-Goodreads

I remember picking this book up at a fifth grade book fair and I was intrigued by the magical adventure the twins embark on. I believe I’ve read this book twice, but I only got through a couple of the sequels. It is a great story and has many interesting magical quirks.


This meme is hosted by Casual Reader. Here are the rules:

  1. Feature a book that was published more than a year ago, the older the better.
  2. It must be a book that you have re-read at least once.
  3. Explain to your readers why this book is worth reading over and over again.
  4. Tag four people in your post to share their favorite throwback the following week.

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