This is my fan-made mini-soundtrack for the book Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. My review for the novel will be posted tomorrow.

0:00 Song 1
Nightingale, Demi Lovato
This song embodies the beginning of the novel by demonstrating Alina’s longing for Mal. She longs to be with him so much that she is unconsciously suppressing herself.

3:37 Song 2
Reflection, Christina Aguilera
Alina Starkov struggles to fit in everywhere, so much so that she hurts herself trying to be normal. This song symbolizes her struggle through the novel. From being a weak girl to becoming one that is strong and fully realizing her capabilities.

7:10 Song 3
My Immortal, Evanescence
Growing up together Mal and Alina became great friends, they know pretty much everything about each other, except the way each truly feels for the other. When Alina is taken away to the capital, she loses Mal. She tried to get into contact with him, but to no avail. Hence the connection to this song.

11:34 Song 4
Lost!, Coldplay
The end of the novel opens up the rest of the world to Mal and Alina as they flee Ravka. They have faced a lot of hardship over  their lives together, and this song shows that despite all that they will keep going.

Soundtrack Saturday was created by Erin at The Hardcover Lover. To learn more about this meme you can visit Erin’s blog or else check out my post titled Introducing to My Blog…

2 thoughts on “Saturday Soundtrack: Shadow and Bone

  1. Great songs, I love Coldplay and Evanescence! I haven’t read the Grisha trilogy yet, so I’m not sure how these songs fit (I abstained from reading your mini-blurbs). Ruin and Rising will probably be delivered on Monday, so I can’t wait to start these!

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