Typically I read on whims, so coming up with this list took some thinking. I already knew that I want to re-read the Blue Bloods series because I recently purchased the last two books of it, hence all the Blue Blood books on this list. For the rest of the list I checked out my To-Read list on goodreads and came across the rest of these. I had forgotten that the graphic novel formats of a couple of these books even existed, so I’m glad this topic made me check. While I’m only showing six covers, I have twelve books on my list due to my desire to re-read a series.

hush hush GNpaper townsBlue Bloods GN
_Blue BloodsThe Accidental CountessWaistcoats&Weaponry

** A book I’ll be re-reading

~!~ A book I finished reading since I originally wrote this post.

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List

    1. I ended up reading that one last night and the art style is pretty good. (Occasionally I turn away from a graphic novel if the drawings hurt my eyes.) What’s nice about this graphic novel though is that at the end of the graphic representation of the beginning of hush, hush, the author gives a short story about Nora and Patch. So I recommend it.

  1. I actually own most of the Blue Blood books, but I stopped continuing to read them after Masquerade. I think it was because I felt too young to read them at the time (it was years ago though). I probably should pick them back up. And it’s so odd, I love reading manga, but I’ve never picked up a graphic novel adaptation of a book (such as Hush, Hush).

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