Originally this Top Ten Friday post was supposed to be entirely my favorite book-to-movie adaptations, but then I discovered that I actually have not read/seen as many books/movies as I initially thought; Therefore this post lists my top 5 best book-to-movie adaptations, as well as my worst book-to-movie adaptations.

bestB1 the hunger gamesB2 DivergentB3 VAB4 TFIOSB5 TPOBAW

W1 City of BonesW2 TwilightW3 TSOUEW4 Avalon HighW5 Eragon

As a side note, none of the lists are in any particular order. It’s equally difficult for me to pick my favorite and to pick my least favorite. I did notice after finalizing this post that all of the book-movie adaptations are based on YA or Juvenile fiction novels. Maybe that’s a sign I should try to read like an adult once in a while.

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