Covers are this first thing we notice about a book. For me they can determine whether or not I’ll actually pick up the novel. Below are my top ten favorite book covers.

fahrenheit 451the luxeetiquette&espionagecindergracelinghush hushthe disreputable history of Frankie Landau BanksA Great and Terrible Beautypaper townsRed Queen

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
    • The 60th anniversary cover of this wonderful classic novel stood out to me because of the minimalism and symbolism that is demonstrated with one concise image.
  • The Luxe by Anna Godbersen
    • I love all the covers in the Luxe quartet. All four of the novels have outrageously huge, gorgeous dresses. My favorite of the four being the first with the soft pink fabric.
  • Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger
    • All of the books in this series are a lot of fun. All contain a girl holding some item that is used in the novel (at least as far as I’ve read, as in the first two novels). The background of the covers contains a steampunk inspired, fun colored pattern. Also I love font combination with the san serif font mixed with the intricate ampersand.
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer
    • I love all three of the novel covers that are currently published of this series because they consistently contain a single image with emphasis on the color red. This makes the books starkly stand out.
  • Graceling by Kristin Cashore
    • I like all the covers of this trilogy, but the first one is one of my favorites. The antique background surrounding a singular dagger made this book stand out to me.
  • Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
    • All three books in this trilogy share a commonality in cover design (as they should). They all have a high-contrast black and white image that stands out dramatically.
  • A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
    • All the books in this trilogy have dramatic covers. I love the corset, which I won’t deny has led me to reading a few novels.
  • Paper Towns by John Green
    • While i have yet to read this novel yet, I bought it because of the cool cover (and John Green). I love maps and how light and fun this novel appears.
  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
    • While this novel has yet to be released I’ve already marked it as “want to read” on goodreads. the cover portrays something so dark (blood dripping from a crown) on such a light and bright background. The contrast is gorgeous.

Note: Inspiration for my top ten posts came from The Broke and Bookish.

What are your thoughts?

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