As an avid reader, I have participated in the goodreads reading challenge for the past three years. This year will be no different. Like last year, I am endeavouring to read 75 books again. Having the exact same challenge bored me, so I decided to participate in another challenge that will diversify what I read this year. I got the idea from another blog I follow, who had also adapted the reading challenge proposed by Popsugar. I took their challenge and tweaked it to fit me better.

Below is my version of the challenge. I typed it up on my phone so that I would be better at updating it as I finish books. Below is where I stand currently with my challenge. The pink highlight means that I completed that challenge with the book written below it in black. The pink pencil marks are just suggestions I made to myself as to what I could read for that category.

In addition to my reading challenges, I intend to blog more this year with the goal of at least two posts per week. On Sundays I plan on reviewing a new, recently read book, and on Fridays I plan on doing the top ten book meme (again tweaked to fit me better. Typically the top ten meme, made up by The Broke and Bookish is a Tuesday feature, but seeing as I am horrible at blogging during that part of the week I decided to alter it for myself, again. So instead I am doing top ten friday with topics I find interesting, as opposed to doing the current ones from “the broke and bookish’.

2015 reading challenge_1-1

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