2014 BOOKSSo I unfortunately did not blog as much as I said I would, and there are many books I read that I wanted to write about, but my laziness got the best of me. After seeing the post “The Ultimate Wrap-Up of 2014” by DreamlandBookBlog, I was inspired to wrap-up and break down what I read this past year.
So here it is!

I completed my goodreads challenge by reading 77 books, surpassing my goal of 75.

Here’s the breakdown:

How the year panned out:
17 books read in the Spring
29 books read in the Summer
31 books read in the Fall

Real or not:
72 Fiction
5 Non-Fiction

Reread or new to me:
69 New
8 Reread

52 Novels
5 Short Stories
15 Manga
5 Audiobooks

11 Classics
1 Quiz books

How my Blogging year panned out:
9 blog posts
5 blog posts about books
29 books reviewed
(I’m including the 12 books from the manga “Library Wars” since my review was broad.)

Overall, I’m satisfied with what I accomplished. I started new series that have me begging for more (i.e. The Lunar Chronicles, The Heirs, The Finishing School Series, & The Outlander Series), I reread some favorites (i.e. Harry Potter and Pride &Prejudice), I read a few classics (i.e. All of Jane Austen, and Animal Farm), I discovered the beauty of audiobooks when you have a monotonous job, and I finished a few wonderful series (i.e. The Mortal Instruments, the Divergent Trilogy (including “Four”), and the Infernal Devices).

Here’s to another year with the hope of reaching the same goal of 75 books!

What are your thoughts?

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