Cataloguing my many books

So, I have a lot of books...and I have a tendency to become ocd about things. That led me to creating an excel spreadsheet of all the books I own a couple summer ago. Since then I've been lazy on updating it though. Today after work, I finally got around to updating it. I forgot … Continue reading Cataloguing my many books

Kiera Cass: The Selection Series

Honestly, the main thing that lead me to these books were the pretty dresses. The elegance of them made me think of the Luxe series (found here). Being a sucker for pretty dresses, I purchased the first book. While not intellectually stimulating, these novels were addicting. As a background for all three books, it is … Continue reading Kiera Cass: The Selection Series

John Green: TFIOS, Will Grayson & Katherines

I knew about John Green way before I heard about his novels. In college, during some down time I would be looking through the website Upworthy and would come across one of John Green's vlogs. They are simply amazing. I admired this man for his drive to educate the ignorant on issues they didn't know … Continue reading John Green: TFIOS, Will Grayson & Katherines