In the past I wrote about a few Korean Dramas I enjoyed (which you can find here). Since that post, written over a year and a half ago, I have watched many more dramas. These dramas require a lot of reading on my part and rightly deserve a place in this blog. Below are some of my more recent favorite and the reasons I loved them. Click on the title of each show to go to where I watched them from,

“Coffee Prince” (2007)
While this is an older drama (at least old by my tv standards), it was really interesting because of the gender-bender aspect of it. The main lead is a woman who due to circumstances with her family ends up looking boy-like. She ends up in a situation with an extremely handsome and pretentious man, where he ends up mistaking her as a boy. Thus an entire drama unfolds dealing with identity and acceptance (and confusion).

“Secret Garden” (2010)
I had been told to watch Secret Garden a few times from a couple of friends at college before, and I was glad I did. This drama was great. It takes gender-bender to a whole new level with its sci-fi twist. The story is about a kick-ass woman who is a stunt woman and an arrogant and self-centered man who is a CEO.

Through the show I did not find the lead male very attractive, but the man who plays the stunt woman’s boss, actor Lee Philip, was a scene stealer to me. I had seen him act in the drama “Faith” (listed below) and didn’t show much interest in him, but seeing this actor in Secret Garden stole my heart.

“Personal Preference” (2010)
Actor Lee Min Ho, need I say anymore? He is perfection. This was a great romantic comedy. The male protagonist, Lee Min Ho, is an architect (which appeals to me greatly, having studied architecture in college), and he gets mistaken as a gay man when he wants to move in with a woman for her house. I completely, wholeheartedly recommend this drama, and I may end up rewatching it soon.

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” (2012)
To be honest, I only started watching this show for the actor/musician Lee Jong-hyun from CNBLUE, and I didn’t expect much out of it. This drama revolves around four men in their 40s, so it is not my typical genre. A Gentleman’s Dignity surprised me greatly, I loved it. It showed a new perspective, one of wealthy middle-aged characters, as opposed to teens in school, and it helped that one of the male leads is also an architect (yay!).

“Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” (2012)
It has been a long time since I watched this drama, but not very long since I listened to some of the songs. It is a great drama that deals with loss and mourning wonderfully, and it also has some catchy tunes.

“Faith” (2012)
Another Lee Min Ho drama. (side note: I am in love with this actor) Faith, also known as “The Great Doctor,” is a fantasy-esque drama in which a woman doctor is unwillingly transported back in time several hundred years and how she and Lee Min Ho fall in love and survive. I wasn’t expecting to like much about this drama, except Lee Min Ho, but I was yet again wrong, it is truly a great drama that has an interesting plot.

“Monstar” (2013)
I started watching Monstar because I craved watching another drama about music. This drama is pretty heavy because it deals with loss, suicide, acceptance, and many more important issues. The only aspect I did not like about this drama is that it ended too soon. With only 12 episodes, this drama is quick to binge watch.

“Flower Boy Next Door” (2013)
I knew the actress Park Shin Hye from watching “The Heirs” (below), “You’re Beautiful,” and “Heartstrings,” and loved her in them, so I gave this drama a shot. This drama revolves around a recluse editor, her interactions with her observant next-door neighbors, and her spying on her sexy neighbor across the street. It is a wonderful romantic comedy that makes my heart spasm with emotion.

“The Heirs” (2013)
LEE MIN HO I LOVE YOU! The Heirs starring the perfect man and Park Shin Hye is a great drama about an elite highschool. The female protagonist is a poor girl who ends up at this elite highschool after a series of events. This romantic comedy also has a CNBLUE member, Kang Min-hyuk, who plays Park Shin Hye’s best friend. He is adorable. I will definitely be rewatching this drama… starting tonight.

“My Love From Another Star” (2013)
What drew me to this drama is the actor Kim Soo Hyun, who also played in “Dream High” (see earlier drama post). More handsome than ever, this actor plays an alien who is about to end his time on Earth. The story is one of falling in love and identity, and it is great.

What are your thoughts?

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