The End of My Unintentional Hiatus


Unfortunately due to my final semester of my undergrad in the spring and my laziness during the summer, I unintentionally ignored my blog since last December. After being nominated for a Liebster Award yesterday, I realized I should get back to blogging about the many books I’ve read this past year.

To do that I’ll be categorizing the books I read by topic and rate, compare, and contrast them in groups. Hopefully the delay in writing about the books will give me a greater perspective on the text, rather than demonstrate my horrible memory of the texts.

Thank you to my followers and sorry for the hiatus.

For fun I thought I’d share a picture of most of the books I own. This past summer I rearranged and painted my bedroom and reluctantly got rid of all of my bookcases. I used that as an opportunity to create my wall of books without boundaries.


What are your thoughts?

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