Korean TV Dramas: Part 2

In the past I wrote about a few Korean Dramas I enjoyed (which you can find here). Since that post, written over a year and a half ago, I have watched many more dramas. These dramas require a lot of reading on my part and rightly deserve a place in this blog. Below are some … Continue reading Korean TV Dramas: Part 2

Manga: The Library Wars

Author- Arikawa Hiro Artist- Yumi Kiiro While I do read manga often, I typically don't blog about them. Mostly because I feel that I digest manga so quickly, it does not merit writing about it. It isn't that I think Manga is unworthy of my time, its that due to my horrible memory, I forget … Continue reading Manga: The Library Wars

Jane Austen

While I've been away from my blog this entire year, I've read 57 books out of my goal of 75. My first post of the many books I read will cover all the books I read by and about Jane Austen this year. You may be wondering why I spontaneously decided to read (almost) the … Continue reading Jane Austen

Trinkets and Décor: My Etsy Shop

My Etsy shop, Trinkets and Décor, came to be after I was given a load of vintage jewelry that had belong to my great-aunt. When she passed away, my grandma came to possess the hidden jewels. Since she did not wear much jewelry and a lot of it did not suit her tastes, the jewelry … Continue reading Trinkets and Décor: My Etsy Shop