The end of my unannounced hiatus.

Because of the end of the school year, adjusting to being home for the summer, and the starting of my summer class, I became extremely lazy and took an unintentional hiatus from both reading and blogging. Over the next few days I will post reviews of the two books I have read this summer “The Great Gatsby” and “Fahrenheit 451”. For now I will say that for classics, I enjoyed these books a lot.

Another reason I haven’t been reading much lately is because I’ve been watching TV shows like crazy. I spent a few weeks watching nothing but the show “Supernatural” and now I am currently watching “Teen Wolf”. Both of these shows, especially “Supernatural”, are extremely addicting, hence my hiatus. Good thing “Teen Wolf” is only about 2 seasons right now or I’d be taking a longer break. (“Supernatural” was eight seasons long.)

While watching endless television, I have also started reading a couple books as well. I started “The Maze Runner” a couple days ago, and I am reading “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” to my youngest sister. So expect these reviews soon as well.


What are your thoughts?

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