I’ve begun to realize that the places I’ve read about in novels like The Hunger Games and Divergent are not that much of an exaggeration of today’s society. I honestly believe that we are headed in these destructive directions. The book The Hunger Games describes communities full of people just trying to get by. That is a reality in much of our country, more so than we’d like to believe. The book Divergent describes Chicago in ruins, while that may not be how Chicago is today, many other major cities are in shambles. Recently on an architecture field trip I visited the city of Detroit. While at one time this city thrived enough to expand several times and currently has more land mass than Manhattan and San Francisco combined, now it reminds me of the places described in Divergent. There were blocks upon blocks of abandoned, deteriorating structures, many of which have been burned out and exist in a charred, dis-repairable state. While the works of fiction beautifully written by both Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth are riveting and exciting tales, it scares me that they are so similar to reality. That our nation has begun to fall apart.

What are your thoughts?

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