Korean TV Dramas

This past year I’ve discovered the magical world of Korean television through Netflix. I’ve always had a fascination in Asian cultures. Before this i ‘got my fix’ by reading manga and watching a couple anime online, but that all changed once I started the first Korean drama last semester. Besides being adorable and such, I love these shows because they take things like sexual tension and love and portray it in a non-physical way. It is refreshing to know that not all cultures play up sex like America. When I watch these shows my emotions go haywire, there is just so much emotion that I can barely contain it after watching an episode. Many of the shows I watched were finished within a weekend because once I started them, I couldn’t stop.

In order I watched them:

  • Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2011)
    I don’t remember what exactly drew me to this tv show originally, it might have been the mention of ramen. While watching this show I had many cravings for ramen. Because of how intriguing this show was it drew me into this genre.
  • Boys Over Flowers (2009)
    This is one of my absolute favorites! It’s based off a manga that I read a long time ago and has some of the most beautiful Korean men that I have ever seen in it.
  • Playful Kiss (2010)
    I loved this one a lot as well because the leading male character is one of the attractive leads from “Boys Over Flowers”.
  • City Hunter (2011)
    City Hunter was the first serious drama I watched and I’m glad I did, it was amazing. This one’s male lead is from “Boys Over Flowers” as well, and while the actor irritated me in BOF I loved him in this role. In this show he was a an ass-kicking genius with a mysterious past.
  • Dream High (2011)
    This show reminds me of the American movie “Fame”. It surrounds a music school in Seoul and follows six or so characters and develops them all pretty equally. I loved the music in the show and it made me happy when the characters would sing American songs in English.
  • Stars Falling From the Sky (2010)
    While most of the shows I’ve watched take place in school settings, this one is about a mid-twenties woman. It is about how she grows into a mature adult after becoming a guardian to all per siblings after their parents die. This was not my favorite show, but not bad in the slightest.
  • Creating Destiny (2009)
    Like Stars Falling from the Sky, this show followed a mid-twenties woman who moved to South Korea from Australia because her father wanted her to marry a Korean. This show taught me a lot about many customs that are still occurring in Korea, like arranged marriages and how to act towards elders.
  • Bread, Love, and Dreams (2010)
    A majority of the shows I watched took place in the present, but this one was set in the 70s and 80s. I learned a bit about Korean culture from these times through this show. It was an adorable, tragic, beautiful, and moving television show that I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Heartstrings (2011)
    This show is another one that had a lot to do with music. The setting is generally at the characters’ college and it was awesome. It combines traditional Korean music (another thing I got to learn about) and modern ‘western style’ music.
  • You Are Beautiful (2009)
    This show’s main female role is a girl pretending to be her brother in a band, while her brother is away getting a surgery. It was cute and one of the male leads was also in Heartstrings. The story was like a love quadrangle. Where the three male band members all fell in love with the girl.
  • Dream High 2 (2012)
    I just finished this show this past weekend and it was good. It was not as good as the first Dream High, but I enjoyed it none-the-less. It involved more singing, dancing, and realizing dreams. It was uplifting at times, and tragic at others. It definitely had my emotions going haywire.

I deemed these Korean shows to be worthy of being on this blog because since I don’t know Korean, I had to read the subtitles. It was a lot of reading, and well worth it.


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