The Indigo Spell

Richelle Mead
The Indigo Spell
There was just so much greatness in this book, Richelle Mead has done it again with a fantastic novel. Although I feel the story started off a bit slower than usual, the plot definitely picked up. The romance was epic, I want , NEED an Adrian. He is just so passionate, he is to die for. If being Sydney Sage is what it takes to get him, I’ve never wanted to be a blond so bad! (Side note: I always liked him more than Dimitri in Vampire Academy as well.) Another aspect of the novel that I want to mention is how well the author mixed in several story lines. There is the whole taking care of Jill aspect, the romance with Adrian, the introduction of Marcus Finch, the defiance of the Alchemists, and the whole Magic scenario.
Sydney’s transformation from an indoctrinated alchemist to an open-minded, intelligent individual is done well also. I like how she became steadily more comfortable with everything as the story progressed, rather than realizing everything all at once.
The cliff hanger at the end was not as strong as others of Mead’s works, but it still keeps me wanting the next novel! (Which comes out in November and is called The Fiery Heart)

What are your thoughts?

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