The Golden Lily

Richelle MeadThe Golden Lily
This was my second time reading this one and it was as fantastic the second time as the first. My favorite aspect (on a more analytic note) is Sydney Sage challenging all she was indoctrinated to know. She is challenging what she was taught from birth because she is now being to understand both sides of the issues. [Side Note: I feel this is similar to politics to an extent. I am a very liberal person, I like to give everyone equal rights even if they don’t go along with my beliefs, whereas most conservatives I know are stuck in their old ways and won’t agree to many things because of their beliefs. They take away the rights of others because they ‘don’t like it’.] In this analogy Sydney’s organization, the Alchemists, is conservative. They indoctrinated her from early on to believe that all forms of vampires and dhampirs are horrid creatures that should not exist. (Although they don’t kill the moroi or dhampirs, they are taughts to despise them.) If Sydney gets caught sympathizing with them, or getting too close to them, she will be sent to Re-education, essentially tortured. Is it right to torture someone because they understand and sympathize with another living being? The character’s development is interesting because of this internal battle she is raging, and Adrian (someone she can rarely get out of her head) doesn’t help the matters, especially at the end of “The Golden Lily”.

On Tuesday “The Indigo Spell” comes out and I can’t wait!! Because of my eagerness to read the book, I watched all six book trailers and now I can tell this one is going to be fantastic as well!! I want to read it! The cliffhanger at the end of “The Golden Lily” has made me want to sequel so much more!! Hopefully I can obtain a copy of the book and make a post over it soon.


What are your thoughts?

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