Richelle MeadBloodlines
This is a book that I have read twice before, it never gets dull. I love the author and how she makes characters that you just fall in love with. In case you didn’t know, Bloodlines is a spin-off series of one of my all time favorite series, Vampire Academy (I love it so much it is up on the list by Harry Potter and The Hunger Games). Bloodlines centers around the main character Sydney Sage, and she is an alchemist. One might think that an alchemist equates to today’s standard of crazy scientist, but that is far from the way they are portrayed in the series. Alchemists are a group of humans (who have tattoos that look like lilies on their cheeks) that help keep the world of vampires away from other humans. One of the most interesting aspects of this novel is Sydney’s transformation and also the differences between her and the other alchemists. While the alchemists help the vampires, they absolutely despise them, Sydney on the other hand has become a sympathizer. She can see and understand both ends of the spectrum. I completely recommend this book because it is by a fantastic author!


What are your thoughts?

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