Passion’s Tide

Sarah WestPassion's Tide
This novel was another of the novels I got for free using bookbub. Again as a free book I was expecting something moderately interesting and poorly written, but I was wrong, again. Passion’s Tide, besides have a corny title was great. It is a historical fiction that revolves around a romance with the captain of a pirate ship and a girl from the Massachusetts area. The main characters’ romance starts off really rocky, as in he captures and destroys the ship she is on, but then it evolves into a spectacularly passionate (where the name derives from) love. There is even a surprise twist in the end that leads to one of those happy endings I love. I recommend this for anyone wanting a quick read. I read it over the course of 4-5 days using the kindle app on my cell phone.

The story reminded me a little about Pirate of the Caribbean because of the way the female lead’s life gets flipped around and alters. I appreciate that the main character was from the start a strong, independently minded woman who would not let a man order her around easily.


What are your thoughts?

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