Lauren OliverAnnabel by Lauren Oliver
For all who have not read Delirium, I completely recommend it. It is a fantastic young adult novel that explores falling in love in a sorta dystopian society. I read Delirium this past summer, and then as soon as possible I read the sequel Pandemonium. Both novels are fast paced and suspenseful. Fantastic. Amazing. All sorts of beautiful adjectives can describe Lauren Oliver’s novels. Over the summer the first of Oliver’s short story insights into lesser characters came out. The first is called Hana and focuses on the main character’s (Lena’s) best friend. It was interesting to obtain another character’s point of view and to also see how they function after they are out Lena’s life later in the novels. On Hana is notated as book #1.5 in the series, this new short story Annabell is notated as book #0.5.

Annabell focuses on Lena’s mother and her life before and slightly during the first novel Delirium. Every other chapter is the present (the life of the character when she was imprisoned), and the other chapters are essentially flashbacks that tell how Annabell evolved into who she is. It was interesting to finally find out what her mother was thinking, and to find out what events led to her being taken away from her daughters.

On March 5th another short story comes out called Raven, this one is Delirium #2.5. I’m excited to read this one because little is known about the character’s life before her introduction in Pandemonium. Also on March 5th Delirium #3 comes out, titled Requiem. Book #2 ended with a major cliffhanger that has been gnawing at me for months.

What are your thoughts?

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