Fifty Shades Darker

E. L. James
50shadesdarker I have to admit that this sequel was better than the original. The first book focused primarily on sex and emotion and new experiences, while the second book has all these things it also has something that is important in the world of literature, a plot. I enjoyed this novel much more than the first and from what I hear the third is supposed to be the best of the trilogy. I have to say that I can not see this relationship occurring in the real world because of how quickly it escalated. In the matter of three or four weeks the couple went from breakup to marriage even though Christian is so deeply damaged.

I’ve been doing some research into the potential “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie and was thinking about who my dream Christian is.  The media sites say that the top actors interested in the role or dream cast by others are Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries, an obsession of mine), Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, a used to be obsession when I had access to HBO), and Matt Bomer (White Collar, an obsession of mine). While I find all three devastatingly attractive, it would upset me to see the perfect Matt Bomer in such a dominant and sometimes angry tortured role, I am in no way saying I don’t think he could pull it off, I just don’t think it fits his personality. Alexander Skarsgard is beautiful in his role of Eric on trueblood, he plays a dangerous vampire who falls in love, so the character dynamic is similar, but he is not how I envision Christian Grey. The last of these men, Ian Somerhalder is my Christian Grey. I’ve looked into him for months because of my recent obsession and addiction to his role of Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. The way the actor can instantly change emotions is right up Christian Grey’s alley. I certainly hope he gets the role. It would also be perfect if his real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev could get the role of Anastasia Steel.

One thought on “Fifty Shades Darker

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Matt, Alexander, and Ian are perfect but Ian couldn’t get any better. His dom gaze, his smoldering looks, his personality fits in so well…. Nina Dobrev would reallty fit in as Anastasia and I wanted it to happen so bad. Apparently, they’re not doing the movie if they’re both in it…Nina says she doesn’t want it to still be perceived as Damon and Elena so I guess only one at a time. A lot of people wanted Lucy Hale to be Ana. I don’t think she fits the role. I mean, Lucy is a good actress but it doesn’t suit her. Anastasia is skinny (just like Nina), she looks naive and innocent (Lucy kinda looks bitchy tbh), and Lucy looks older than 21. I’m not being biased but Nina fits the role perfectly. She’s such a good actress that she can be a seductive woman (like Katherine), and a sweet , naive girl who still needs to learn so much in life (like Elena).

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