College: Traditional or Online?

Personally I believe traditional college education to be more beneficial to students you come directly from high school, like I did. At that age these students adjust much more easily to the college environment. Being a traditional college student I was able to make friends and adjust to living without my family easily because of being in the same situation as many of the friends I acquired. I think the college experience is much more than learning skills that can be later used in life, I feel that college also readies students for the real world, the world away from the safety net of our parents. I have evolved into a much more independent citizens now that I don’t live at home a majority of the year. Another aspect of traditional learning is the ability to learn with a group. If you don’t understand the material as it is taught to you by the instructor you can form study groups within your class and then decipher the instructor’s teachings.
On the other hand I can see how online learning can be beneficial to non-traditional students. These are students already adjusted to the real world who are learning to go further into their careers. I know it can be difficult to attend classes everyday when you have a full time job and/or a family to take care of.
I feel as a traditional student I would have less motivation to do the work required for an online course because of how easy it is to get to the material. I would use my procrastination skills to put all the work off till the end,  and ultimately, I would have  learned little because I would have just memorized for the tests and then immediately forgotten the material.

What are your thoughts?

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