The Internet in 10 years!

Nowadays the internet is used everyday, even when you don’t even realize it. Pretty much any new technology that comes out is synced into the internet! While it is intriguing and interesting that everything can be connected, it is also scary because of how easy it is today to hack into someone’s accounts and take over their lives digitally. While computers have virus scanners, this software doesn’t catch hacking. In the future I imagine there is going to be an Osmosis Jones for the internet. Osmosis Jones is a cartoon character who caught the bad germs in a human’s body. There will also be a digital police force who only concern themselves with digital crimes.

Pretty much every form of media is accessible with the internet already (books, video games, movies, and music). In the future the internet will probably be able to synthesize emotions for the users by emitting some type of wavelength. Similar to how the character Jasper in the Twilight Saga can manipulate the emotions of those around him. The internet could be programmed to automatically make the users happy, although this could be seen as brain-washing to an extent. What gave me this idea was thinking about the movie Demolition Man (1993). In this movie it is the year 2032 and a way to obtain pleasure is a digital headset that emits the emotions.

Seeing as 3D TVs are the newest thing to have it is only a matter of time until you feel as if you are in the internet. Virtual reality graphics and technology will probably be implemented to give the user more of an experience, even when they are just checking their email. In the movie Spy Kids 3, the main characters are in the game and can use all 5 senses in the game as well. This kind of technology is probably close to being developed in today’s fast-moving society. If this can be developed no one would ever need to leave their computer again because they could see, feel, hear, touch, and smell foreign cities.

In ten years I see the internet being able to manipulate and control all five senses. I see it being able to show us (the users) the world and beyond! I could be sitting at my desk and feel like I’m walking on Mars!

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What are your thoughts?

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