Becca Fitzpatrick
It took be about a month to get through this one because of my lack of interest in finishing it. Nothing kept me going, I was easily able to put the book down after one or two chapters. I was not as captivated by this book as I want to be with books of this genre. While it was interesting, the main character Nora still has many irritating flaws. Patch gets to be a little irritating in this final book as well. By far, my favorite character this time around was Scott. Spoiler: He dies for what he believes in and for who he loves. He definitely has the strongest personality out of all of Becca Fitzpatrick’s characters. I know I am being a bit harsh towards the characters, but I feel they could have been developed better over the four installments of the series. Overall I think the first book is the best out of the four.

One thought on “Finale

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