The Internet in 10 years!

Nowadays the internet is used everyday, even when you don't even realize it. Pretty much any new technology that comes out is synced into the internet! While it is intriguing and interesting that everything can be connected, it is also scary because of how easy it is today to hack into someone's accounts and take … Continue reading The Internet in 10 years!

Meditations Part 2

Marcus Aurelius After reading all his meditations and discussing the material in class, I believe Marcus Aurelius was writing these words of wisdom as a guide for his self to follow. To honor, trust, be honest, be intelligent, and to be just. These are all things that we as citizens, and as human beings in … Continue reading Meditations Part 2

Cantor’s Dilemma

Carl Djerassi Being a reading for my Honors science class, I was definitely not expecting this kind of book. I was expecting something that would be very scientific and boring, but what I got was entertaining and a little bit scientific. The author did a great job on introducing conflicts that arise in scientific research … Continue reading Cantor’s Dilemma