Meditations Part 1

Marcus Aurelius
Instead of reading this book for quotes I’ve tried another way to understand the texts by trying to form an overall idea for each chapter (book).
Book 1:
In book one the author lists good, admirable traits about friends and family. He elaborated most on his adoptive father. He found good in all.
Book 2:
The theme I got out of book 2 is that philosophy is important in life. It helps us use reason and act justly.
Book 3:
Like book two, book three encourages philosophy, as well as just thinking, observing, and be prepared for the world around us.
Book 4:
This chapter of the book goes into more than the others so far, in my opinion. The author writes about the importance of renewing oneself with self-reflection and vacation. He also states that judgement is something we perceive, not something that we are forced to endure. Marcus emphasizes the importance of ‘good’ as well. He also thinks that we should live life to its fullest, but justly do so. The highest qualities, according to him, are just, high-mindedness, self-control, intelligence, judicious, truthful, honorable, and freedom.

What are your thoughts?

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