Kristin Cashore

I read this book because it was recommended by a cousin of mine who is a high school English teacher. (She likes to read what the kids are reading so that she can relate to them.) First off I want to say that Young Adult is my favorite genre. I feel the books are more understandable and not as complex as many adult novels. They are also better written than half the adult novels I’ve read.

Kristin Cashore is a brilliant author who has a way with words. I love her style and her characters. (Although the oblivious female lead who takes forever to sort out her feelings is becoming cliché.) Katsa has a grace which she originally believe to be a killing ability, and she falls in love with Prince Po (it takes her quite a while to sort these feelings out, at least it only took about a quarter of the book for this to happen). The way the characters’ lives intertwine is exciting and adventurous. Katsa is the next Katniss for me! She is such a dominant, strong character with a few faults, but who kicks ass. Cashore reminds me a bit of Paolini and his world of Alagaësia, in the way she created a whole new world that begs to be explored. I can’t wait to get my hands on copies of the other books within this world. Unfortunately for me there is not a sequel, just a new set of characters in the same world. At least that is what I’ve heard.

In the first book, Graceling, only the left half of the map is known to the reader. I’m excited to learn why the other half exists.


What are your thoughts?

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