The Nature of Things: Book 3 Mortality and the Soul

Lucretious I read this chapter a week ago, and it is vague in my mind as to what it is about. I remember it presented many theories on life, death, the soul, and the body. Below are some quotes I found intriguing.

every need, Nature supplies…” pg.72

Physically I find this true, but does it mentally? Sometimes I feel what I need is peace of mind, can nature supply my mind with the peace I need?

…there is a vital breath
And warmth within our body that deserts it right at death.” pg.76

This quote reminds me of Harry Potter. In Harry Potter there are creatures called Dementors, they suck out the soul of humans, leaving the body lifeless. While the body is still technically alive, their heart is beating, and brain is functioning, the person has no emotion, I am not sure whether they are animated in any way either. But I feel this is like death (In Harry Potter they call it a fate worse than death). The vital breath is the soul and when it is gone all consciousness is gone as well.

…a single soul is formed out of their union.” [of spirit and mind] pg.84

I feel this is true, in relation to my dementor analogy, when the soul is gone all is lost except the body still functioning. The spirit and the mind of the person is lost though.

…it’s punishment in life for misdeeds that we fear…” pg.102

Just like a puppy giving its owner sad eyes, when we do something bad, we know that it is bad but we don’t want to face the punishment or consequences of our actions. We fear them because no one wants to be hurt (except for masochist).

…each man is running from himself…” pg.104

This is a common theme that comes up in literature and movies, the media in general. We run from what we are because we don’t know who we are and the uncertainty scares us. It is hard to stop running, another reason many don’t.


What are your thoughts?

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