The Nature of Things: Book 2 The Dance of Atoms

(While Book 2 was a little easier to read than book 1, I had to reward myself with reading for fun in order to get through the chapter.)

Nor do raging fevers any faster cease to burn
If you have fancy tapestries on which to toss and turn…” pg. 37

I really like how this quote states sublty that money does not matter. When sick it does not matter how high-tech your tv is, or your mattress is, the only thing that matters is your health. Now in today’s society money can relate to how good one’s health care is, when it comes down to a cold fancy health insurance isn’t going to affect anything.

…In no way was the universe made by the power of God
For our sake, when the universe stands so profoundly flawed.” pg. 41

I was strongly attracted to this quote because it is a view I have as well. Why would some ‘perfect’ god create a place where so many bad things happen? It just does not make any sense to me.

…nothing physical can lift itself by its own force…” pg. 41

So humans can’t sit up by themselves? This I feel is definitely disproven.

What are your thoughts?

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