The Nature of Things: Book 1 Matter and Void

Lucretious While this text is easy to read, but it very long and dry.

…alone [Venus] steer the nature of things upon its course…” pg. 3

I found this quote interesting because it references the goddess Venus before continuing onto a discussion concerning sciences. As a person who does not have a ‘god,’ I see it as ironic to mention one in this instance.

…Matter, atoms, generative bodies, elements and seeds, And first beginnings since it is from these that all proceeds…” pg. 5

While I understand that this was written long, long ago, it has more recently been understood that atoms are not the smallest particles to exist. They are made of sub-atomic particles (i.e. protons, electrons, nuetrons), and more recently than that it has been discovered that sub-atomic particles are made up of sub-sub-atomic particles (i.e. quarks).

So potent was religion in persuading to do wrong.” pg. 6

I like this reference because it relates to Agamemnon’s slaughtering of his daughter, but it makes me think of the greek tragedy “Agamemnon” where Agamemnon is murdered by his wife to justify his wrong doing.

…nothing can emerge from nothing…” pg. 9

I feel this is false because where do our thoughts come from? These intangible ideas seem to just pop into our minds, out of thin air!

…those people who suppose That everything out of this elemental foursome grows: That is, out of wind and rain and earth and fire.” pg. 24

This quote made me immediately think of the children’s anime called “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” In this show there are four nations who have people who can “bend” the elements of their nation. For example, the water nation can bend water, meaning they can control water. It goes deeper than just water as the series continues. Water benders can ‘bend’ the moisture in the air, and even humans because we are made up of 75% water. So I can see a bit of truth behind this theory of matter.

What are your thoughts?

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