Plato is most likely an acquired taste, when I started reading this dialogue it was slow and dull, but the further I read the more intriguing it became.Below are some passages I deemed important.

“Evil is the vulgar lover who loves the body rather than the soul, and who is inconstant because he is a lover of the inconstant…” pg. 151

I feel this is a more complicated way of saying lust is evil, because it is not the person you are loving, but the pleasure.

“…[Love] is the source of all our happiness and harmony…” pg. 154

I can see this as true when one doesn’t confuse wealth and health as happiness.

“…[Man] is always looking for his other half.” pg. 156

This is a common phrase today. People often say that they are searching for their other half, someone who completes them and compliments their personality. True happiness will come when the two halves are joined.

“…’the happy are made happy by the acquisition of good things.'” pg. 167

This could be taken in a literal, materialistic way which would give the phrase a negative connotation, or this could be taken in a metaphorical way where good things are not possessions but ideas or people or bonds.

“…conception and generation are a principle of immortality in the mortal creature.” pg. 169

For thousands of years people have thought that having children will carry on your name and legacy. The name will definitely carry on, but as generations add up some of the legacy of the beginning could start to fade away.

“…all mortal things are preserved, not by sameness of existence, but by substitution…” pg. 170

This again is stating the mortality of humans and how we preserve ourselves and our knowledge by procreation so that the offspring can carry on with our knowledge.

“‘Be not deceived by him; learn from me and take warning, and don’t be a fool and learn by experience,’ as the proverb says.” pg. 181

This was interesting to me because even though we often hear the warnings of others, we still want to take the risk so we can feel the experience for ourselves.

What are your thoughts?

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