Becca Fitzpatrick
I just finished this book and I am astonished by the better writing than the first two. Although technically it makes sense that writing would get better as you write, I just was not expecting it. I really enjoyed this book, more than I liked book 2, Crescendo. The following are quotes that stood out to me in a lot of different ways, caution they reveal spoilers.

“…the most alluring tortured soul I’d ever met.”

This is a perfect description of Patch (Jev) aka sexy bad boy. His character is constantly becoming more alluring and desirable. He is now on my list of favorite fictional love interests.

“Right before the hallucination, I’d heard him say, You’re not supposed to be in this anymore. Even I can’t keep you safe. My safety meant something to him. His actions tonight proved it. And actions speak louder than words, I told myself grimly.”

Nora is finally not the oblivious girl she used to be in the first two novels! She is finally getting things, which is ironic because she doesn’t remember the past 5 months. This is what shocked me about the writing. The character development changed for the better. Although looking back on Hush Hush, Nora was a studious girl, but in Crescendo and Silence her studious nature is not evident. It is referenced once or twice per novel, but not to the extent that the reader is going to remember.

“Maybe he has an Oedipus complex, and Marcie’s mom is his mom and his wife!”

This comment made me laugh because I just read Oedipus for a class. Also because Hank Miller, the topic of the quote, is a nephilim meaning he doesn’t age anymore. So the character fits the description.

“‘You know what I’m thinking right now?’ I asked Scott. His eyes scanned me. ‘That you look cute in that girl-next-door way?’ I felt a blush spring to my cheeks and hoped Scott missed it in the dim light.”

Scott’s character took a radical turn from book two to Silence. Before he was a constant pain in the butt, but now he has more appeal. A lot more appeal, but not enough to surpass Patch’s (Jev’s) allure.

“I’m in the landscape of your dream. Imagine that your subconscious and mine walked through a door you created in your mind. We’re in the room together, but it’s not a physical place. The room is imagined, but our thoughts aren’t. You decided the setting and the clothes you are wearing, and you decide everything you say. But since I’m actually in the dream with you, as opposed to a version of myself that you dreamed up, the things I say and so aren’t the work of your imagination. I control those things.”

This passage strongly reminded me of the dream walking that happens in the Vampire Academy series (most often between the characters of Rose and Adrian) by Richelle Mead. I would not be surprised if this is where Becca Fitzpatrick got her idea for it. They are eerily similar in their descriptions.

Now to wait for the final book, Finale that comes out October 23rd!


One thought on “Silence

  1. You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I’ve read anything like that before. So good to find someone with a few original thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This web site – Silence For the Love of Words is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

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