Oedipus Rex

I had read this tale about five years ago, my sophomore year of high school, and basically only remembered what an Oedipus complex is. This was a quick read, but a very tragic one. Oedipus essentially is destined to ruin his own life and that of his family.

“I mean to fight for him now, as I would fight for my own father” pg. 84 (Oedipus)

When I first read this quote I literally laughed out loud because of the irony of it. Although I know that Oedipus does not know this at the time, but looking back, it is a good piece of foreshadowing.

“The truth is my defence.” pg. 88 (Tiresias)

If only the truth was believable in all situations would it be a good defense. Now a days it is required to have evidence back the truth or else it is considered heresy.

“You are your own enemy.” pg. 89 (Tiresias)

Reading this I thought this could be true in many situations. Making one bad decision can pin yourself against yourself morally or emotionally. Another thought that came up when reading this was the song “Given Up” by Linkin Park. Some of the lyrics go like this “I’m my own worst enemy | I’ve given up | I’m sick of feeling | Is there nothing you can say?” Like this song becoming your enemy can make you want to give up, end your life. Some things are not able to be undone.

“Time will teach the truth of this. Time alone can prove the honest man; a single day proclaims the criminal.” pg. 96 (Creon)

This also becomes a good use of foreshadowing. Creon is proven innocent of the accusations when Oedipus finds out his is in fact the slayer of his father and the lover of his mother.

“Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown. Better to live as best we may, from day-to-day.” pg. 109 (Jocasta)

This quote agrees with my beliefs. Because I don’t believe in a god, I believe that life is a result of chance events that may or may not come from our own decisions, good or bad.

I really like the way this story, and the others of this novel have been translated. They are easily understood, and easy to relate to in ways.


What are your thoughts?

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