Italo Calvino

I’ve just started reading passages of this book for one of my honors course. When I saw the title before starting to read, I thought this was going to be a dry, scientific read. After starting to read some of the short stories in it, my opinion has definitely changes. I guess one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The sections tell the tale of the formation of the universe as we know it in a humorous and entertaining way.

The first section I read At Daybreak was confusing at first because I was trying to imagine the characters as people, when according to the tale, they are matter in space.

The second section I read All At One Point personified the universe as a single point, full of many characters who all have different personalities.

This is a book I would recommend because it is full of short and entertaining tales that personify the creation of the universe.


What are your thoughts?

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