Becca Fitzpatrick Like Hush Hush, I've read Crescendo before, and like Hush Hush, I had completely forgotten how the story went. Besides remembering the plot, when rereading this book I realized that the author has a unique style to her writing. She took the time to tell exactly what the character was wearing and why … Continue reading Crescendo


Aeschylus When I typically pick up a text of this nature I cringe on the inside because of how hard I'll have to read to be able to understand what the author intends. Examples of this cringing occur when reading "The Iliad", "The Odyssey", and "The Aeneid". This tale was different for me, I'm assuming … Continue reading Agamemnon

The Birth of Tragedy (pt. 3)

Friedrich Nietzsche When reading section 5, I only found one passage slightly intriguing. "In this state, pure knowledge as it were approaches us to redeem us from willing and its pressure: we follow, yet only momentarily: willing, the memory of our personal goals, tears us away again and again from calm contemplation; but equally the … Continue reading The Birth of Tragedy (pt. 3)

The Birth of Tragedy (pt. 2)

Friedrich Nietzsche Here are some passages I found intriguing from sections 3 & 4 of the book. "There is nothing here to remind us of asceticism, spirituality, and duty: everything here speaks to us of a sumptuous, even triumphant, existence, an existence in which everything is deified, regardless of whether it is good or evil." … Continue reading The Birth of Tragedy (pt. 2)

The Birth of Tragedy (pt.1)

Friedrich Nietzsche This is not an easy read, not in the slightest! Here are some passages that stood out to me when I was reading sections 1 &2 for my humanities class. pg.21 "...Apollo might even be described as the magnificent divine image of the principium individuationis (the principle which accounts for the existence of … Continue reading The Birth of Tragedy (pt.1)